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What is NSW MUN?

The New Silk Way Model United Nations (NSW MUN) is a platform where high school students, university students, lecturers, and other interested people can improve their diplomatic, public speaking and leadership skills. It comprises discussion club and conference which reproduces the activities of the various UN agencies in real time. Participants act as delegates or observers, representing one of the UN member countries or organizations. Moreover, they work together to suggest ways to solve issues on the UN’s regional and global agenda.




Model UN participants are not acting with their own opinion. They have to perform through research in order to represent a specific country's position. MUN conferences and workshops usually continue for several days and delegates have to follow the rules of procedure of high-level international debates and diplomatic meetings.

What does it give to you?

Young people do not only gain valuable experience but also meet many interesting people, form networks with common interests and learn about the cultural aspects of diplomacy. All delegates work together to solve challenging global problems.



Why us?

The Model United Nations New Silk Way has become one of the most prestigious and highly respected programs in the Central and South Asia region. MUN NSW actively works on promoting peacebuilding, cultural exchanges, economic prosperity and cooperation among the Silk Way countries by using diplomatic skills and utilizing the opportunities provided by the UN.

The Model United Nations New Silk Way International Conference is the largest Model UN in Central Asia, held in Almaty annually since 2012. The MUN NSW International Student Conference regularly attracts more than 400 participants and 100 volunteers from about 20 countries from Central, South and East Asia, the USA and Europe. 

In the past, high-ranking diplomats used to represent the diplomatic missions from various nations, including the embassy and the Consulate General of the USA, Afghanistan, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Russia, as well as the embassies of France, Italy, Japan, South Africa, and many others. The UN agencies which contribute to the work of the conference include UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHCR, OCHA, UNICEF, etc. The ambassadors of France, Italy, Japan, and South Africa delivered speeches before the delegates.



The MUN NSW-2019 plans to organize the following committees:

UN General Assembly 

  • Measure to achieve the SDGs by the year 2030 with special emphasis on the role of women and youth.

UN Security Council 

  • “New silkway” way to achieve peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.


  • Addressing the issue of air pollution in the world’s worst air quality cities.


  • Overcoming cultural resistance towards vaccination programs.


  • Countering the rise of modern-day slavery.


  • Противодействие распространению рабства в современном мире 


If you want to volunteer and you are ready for the new experience, you are welcome to apply!!!