Design Thinking Discussions Online Workshop (July 16-17, 2020)

List of participants and nominees (DTD Online Workshop)

 The Best Idea-Makers

Ainel Ablayeva Ainel Ablayeva

"It was a free conversation with Miss Aliya (My committee's Chairman) and with another participant - Assem - in our group that's discussed the Agenda in Kazakh. We've shared our ideas on how to solve the problem as for infodemic, unemployment, uncertainty. Fortunately, we chose the idea as for infodemic. It was one of the great experiences I've ever had. I'd like to thank you and all of the participants for this Conference!"


"To develop and introduce the program that will check the spread

information for fallacy"

*The Idea is related to the problem of Infodemic during the era of

COVID-19 Pandemic



Artem BelkovArtem Belkov

 "I was delighted to be present at this event. For 2 days we were discussing the accumulated problems and coming up with solutions. Everyone expressed their point of view, noticed the difficulties close to him. Thus, we came to a common decision and analyzed the situation from several sides.

I believe that "Design Thinking" will make out the world a little better and I will gladly participate again."


"Creation of an Internet platform (media), the purpose of which is to allow sharing experiences and conveying useful materials on each subject or a technical problem."

 *The Idea is related to the problem of Access to education during the era of

COVID-19 Pandemic




Bedel MakhmudBedel Makhmud


"To negotiate with specialized Kazakhstan schools such as Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Bilim-Innovation Lyceums, and Daryn about sharing their school laptops."

 *The Idea is related to the problem of Access to education during the era of COVID-19 Pandemic






Daniil OgnevDaniil Ognev

"My participation in Design Thinking Discussions Online Workshop was a unique experience of getting together with several people and looking for a solution to a complicated problem in the friendliest way possible. Although we've had only two days, our committee managed to come up with a detailed solution thanks to the chair's coordination and participants' active group work."


"To create a governmental website that will publish information about online job opportunities and voluntary sector organizations"

*The Idea is related to the problem of Unemployment during the era of COVID-19 Pandemic


Zarnigor MaharovaZarnigor Maharova

"I am honored to be a part of the first-ever Design Thinking Online Discussions with the high importance of agenda item which was organized by New Silk Way Model UN Secretariat on 16-17 July, 2020, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Three-session discussions were genuinely productive with the help of professional Chairpersons like Dr. Hind Abou Nasr. The format of discussions was not simply the same as Model UN, but a different approach to resolve the issue by Ideation, Integration, and Evaluation processes. By the support and points of active participants we were able to make a detailed implementation plan based on the topic of Online Education due to COVID-19: Access, Knowledge, Evaluation in English.
I am truly grateful to the organizing team for letting us engage in such an eye-opening, new level virtual event even in these hard times of lockdown. I want these sort of open discussions to be continued while involving in many skilled youth around the globe."






  • To introduce jobs for teachers to support parents who cannot teach: "maharatsoft";

  • To encourage youngster for getting the experience, not the grades to build knowledge;

  • To maintain the psychological support awareness & proficiency of teachers in the ICT 


*The Ideas are related to the problems of getting Knowledge and education Evaluation during the era of COVID-19 Pandemic


Zhibek ZhunissovaZhibek Zhunnisova

"It was a wholesome experience! The new format makes you take initiative and work with your peers. I enjoyed the process.
Thank you for organizing the event. I would love to participate again in the future."



"To make videos that refer to mental health issues (*with stories of people who got through the issues; not ads-like videos; more like short films)"


*The Idea is related to the problem of Uncertainty during the era of

COVID-19 Pandemic