When do I get an acceptance letter? 

We will send them in March-April. ⠀

What is the participation fee? 

23 USD without accommodation and 50 USD with accommodation. ⠀ ⠀⠀

Does participation fee include travel expenses?   

No ⠀
What languages are mandatory? 

Is it possible to volunteer? 

Yes, it is. We will open the applications soon, stay tuned
Is there a chance to get a scholarship?   

Yes, we choose recipients for our limited number of scholarships.
Can I apply as a chair?   

No. Chair applications are already closed.
Can I participate if I am not a student anymore? 

Yes, you can. You must show your motivation in the application then. ⠀
What is the deadline for the applications?   

15th of March
What is the language of the conference? 

English and Russian ⠀

——————————————— ⠀
Did we answer all your questions? 

If no, write them below⬇ ⠀

NSWMUN team, with love!