"Model UN - New Silk Way" Workshop for the international and national students – participants of the Silk Road Summer School

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"Model UN - New Silk Way" Workshop for the international and national students – participants of the Silk Road Summer School 21.07.2017 17:26

"Model UN" is a popular global program that runs in a format of brainstorming and student conference, as well as it is the best school for learning about diplomacy. It opens up a whole world of ideas, opinions, experiences, offering unique opportunities for self-realization and self-expression, validation and development of intellectual and creativity, knowledge and creative thinking.

“Model UN - New Silk Way” workshop will allow to reproduce the United Nations work in real time, by the students of different universities of Almaty. For a half a day, the students transform into diplomats act as representatives of the UN.


Topic: This MUN NSW Workshop will be held in one session:

United Nations Security Council - "Collaboration on Great Silk Road for economic and security development and peacebuilding"


Framework: The participants will discuss the three aspects are important to the promotion of the collaboration within the context of Silk Road Economic Belt which could be used as a model for a regional zone of peace, security, cooperation and development applicable in other conflict zones around the world:


  1. Development and Security nexus.

Security and development are closely interrelated -- without security there can be no development; and without development there is no security (the so-called security-development nexus);

Convinced of the strong security-development nexus, it is important to integrate the countries of Greater Central Asia through trade, transport, investment and regional infrastructure, so as to help transform all countries of the region, including Afghanistan into effective development partners who are able to work on peacebuilding and conflict prevention. The UN should continue to be the leading organization coordinating international work to ensure that joint efforts of all key stakeholders are complementary, mutually reinforcing and synergetic.


2. Regional Approach – collaboration of the countries along the Great Silk Road Economic Belt

Development and Security today should have a more regional than a country-specific aspect, because many problems and ways to solve them lie outside the framework of a single state and require a regional approach. The Great Silk Road Economic Belt initiative provides one of such approaches


3. Delivering as one – working together on the effective collaboration on along the Great Silk Road Economic Belt

The shrinking volume of accessible international humanitarian assistance requires a coordinated and integrated regional development strategy by the UN structures, not competition between them. This approach should lead to a greater interaction and coordination of UN agencies and programs with all international and national stakeholders, increasing the effectiveness of the UN, greater effectiveness and transparency in the administration of aid, as well as saving money. So, the elaboration of a coordinated regional development strategy nowadays is needed as never before.



Participants: Participation in the Model United Nations workshop contributes to the acquisition and improvement of public speaking skills, experience, high quality debate and overcoming the fear of public speaking. In addition, meetings are held in one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations that allows participants to improve their knowledge of foreign languages. At the training seminar, students can learn about self-organization, the correct allocation of time building a future career at the international level.

   The event will be held with the support of the US Consulate General in Almaty and the UN Information Office, as well as Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) and the University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR). Special support to the participants of the Model UN – New Silk Way in the preparation of the United Nations has a representative of the UN Department of Public Information.

   Participants of Model UN - New Silk Way inspired by the message of the UN Secretary General, in which he urged the youth to realize their" political responsibility in an era of uncertainty." According to the head of the UN, it will help future diplomats to achieve success and live up to the hopes and expectations, which confers on them the world community.

   Program coordinators - Rafis Abazov (executive director of the program "Model UN New Silk Way" and a visiting professor at Al-Farabi KazNU) - believe that "Model UN - New Silk Way" initiative provides to the students essential knowledge about the work of UN, diplomatic skills and the knowledge how to use negotiation skills to address the local and global challenges. This is one of the few programs in the region of Central and South Asia, which allows students to independently discuss various global issues and strengthen the ties between the two countries in the spirit of the traditions of the Great Silk Way.


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