Organizing Model UN Conference in Kabul on August 10-14, 2017

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Organizing Model UN Conference in Kabul on August 10-14, 2017 15.08.2017 19:33

“Model UN New Silk Way” team took part at the International Model UN Conference hosted and organized by the MUN Pamir Society in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 10-13, 2017.  MUN NSW team member not only represented Kazakhstan, but also took part at the event as the delegates and presenters.  MUN NSW has collaborated with the MUN Pamir in Afghanistan since 2015 and this visit allowed building stronger relations with partners in Afghanistan in the spirit of the New Silk Way and “south-south cooperation.”
          MUN Pamir was created in 2015, and hosted leading delegates from across the country. Over the years the organization gained the international repute, regularly hosting delegates from across the country. It regularly brings together up to 300+ dynamic young minds annually, to deliberate on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

In 2017 MUN Pamir hosted the following UN committees and agencies:

-         United Nations Security Council (UNSC);

-         International Criminal Court (ICC);

-         UNGA-SOCHUM;

-         North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO);

-         Crisis Committee (CC)

-         UNGA-ECOFIN;

-         Press Corps


         MUN Pamir is one of the fastest growing MUN conferences in the country, with the classic scene of debate and lobbying in the committees. MUN Pamir plans to organize the MUN conferences not only in Kabul but also in other parts of Afghanistan. The organizational committee offers the unique opportunity to gain the knowledge about the UN system interact with guest speakers, including prominent diplomats from various countries. 


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