The MUN NSW-2019 plans to organize the following committees

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The MUN NSW-2019 plans to organize the following committees 09.03.2019 13:36

The MUN NSW-2019 plans to organize the following committees:

UN General Assembly 
A) Measure to achieve the SDGs by the year 2030 with special emphasis on role of women and youth.
B) Measures to counter terrorism.
UN Security Council 
“New silkway” way to achieve peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.
B) Reforms in the UN SECURITY COUNCIL with a discussion of the outcome of the work done by Kazakhstan as a member of SC.

A) Addressing the issue of airpollution in the world’s worst air quality cities.
B) Building regional co operation to deal with water crisis in Central Asia.
A) Overcoming cultural resistance towards vaccination programs.
B) Tackling health problems caused dues to global migration and refugee crisis.

Countering the rise of modern day slavery.
B) Modern day ICT technologies and protection of Human Rights .

5) СППЧ 
А) Противодействие распространению рабства в современном мире 
В) ИКТ технологии в современном мире и защита основных прав человека


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