Organizing Committee

Pragna Gupta Gajawada

Would be fun if I could say “Hello, my name is Sherlock Holmes “though.
From now on me and my team would team will keep you updated with applications, deadlines, details, venue, coffee breaks, moderated caucus, unmoderated caucus, What not!!
I wouldn’t deny the fact that I actually feel cool saying that I will be serving as Secretary-General for one the Biggest, Oldest Model United Nations in Central Asia!! With great work comes great responsibility.
For now, I want to encourage everyone to apply for the positions of Chairs or Delegates! Spread the word and invite all your friends to our event (More the merrier).
Posting a picture of mine so that you could come to me anytime during conference (Not during sessions) and talk to me about Rules of procedures, recent book or series you are stuck with, How to save mozzarella sticks, best places in Kazakhstan or India, history, news, medicine (because I am a medical student), sustainable goals …….. Anything!

Elzhan Shakenov
Chief of staff
Yana Sopp
Director General

I like to work in this field because I learn a lot of new things, expand my horizons and get acquainted with many wonderful people.
I look forward to the international model 2019!

Ayaulym Chinaliyeva

I started as a volunteer on Regional NSWMUN 2017, and now I'm in OC:) The atmosphere, relationships and surely new experience are still the components of the MUN World that drive me in it.
I was a GA volunteer during 2017 season, therefore my major responsibilities included transferring diplomatic notes and mics between delegates. Next season, I became a member of the Entertainment department, so my job was mainly to write scripts: opening and closing ceremony scenarios, video script. These days, I'm having the role of a business person and ambassador coordinator.
Obviously, I learned a lot during working in this team and obtained skills like team-work, public speaking, script writing, networking, and others. Everything that I mentioned previously is the reasons why I'm still in NSWMUN.

Daniya Kassenova
Under Secretary-General for External Relations

I am a part of NSWMUN since 2016, where I participated as the delegate of India in Human Rights Council. Last year I served as USG for External Affairs and continue to work for this year conference too.

The reason I am a part of MUN community is that I feel responsibility for our world and wish to see it get better. One of the favourite parts is meeting and learning from different people.

Sara Bilgen
Head of Diplomatic Affairs

I joined New Silkway MUN because I am deeply interested in Sustainable Development Goals and Model United Nations. Moreover, being part of such an organization where young individuals improve themselves and make their contributions to society is very exciting.

Didara Kabulbayeva
Head of Marketing Department, Ambassador of NSWMUN in AlmaU

I am Didara. My role is a marketing team leader and ambassador. I feel lucky to be the part of mun because it gives me the motivation to be better, to improve my skills which I will need in my future life. I enjoy the process, the brainstorming and the possibilities that NSWMUN opens up to me. NSWMUN team is a family

Sefatullah Niamati
Education Department

Hello, everyone. I was given the honor to introduce myself as a member of the organizing committee of NSWMUN in 2019. I started as a delegate on the NSWMUN 2015! After active participation in international, regional and mini MUNs, I was invited to the Organizing Committee of the NSWMUN in 2016. I was working in models as chief of diplomatic affairs, coordinator, diplomatic reception, chairman and also this year I am in the education department as a chairman, trainer, and advisor to delegates and volunteers.

Abdul Basit Musadiq
Logistics Department

Why I am in OC because I am in love with MUN and actually it’s my second family can’t live without MUN, people who are working with here and friends from all around the world.
Especially the atmosphere of international MUN it gives me energy that I can no sleep three days and serve my guests meet them from airport, train station all these things give me the energy to stay here and motivate me.
The best place to make new friends, learn a new culture, traditions is MUN and I have an amazing feeling during the conference sometimes with some delegates we can’t say goodbye this is so hard.

Gauhar Zhumadilda
Ambassador of NSWMUN at KIMEP University, Member of Diplomatic Affairs Department

There are several reasons why I became a part of this incredible NSWMUN organizing committee family. First, I think that membership in NSWMUN organizing committee encourages me to widen my horizons, engage in self-development and teaches me effective strategies for the future. Second, since I study International Relations, work in NSWMUN is definitely suitable with my major. And last but not least, it is all about people there. I enjoy being surrounded by inspirational, open-minded, aspirational young people.

Daulet Berdesh
Member of IT and Diplomatic Affairs Departments

I am in organizing committee of NSWMUN to ameliorate my hard and soft skills and to become a part of its outstanding team working to strengthen international relations. In NSWMUN, I can become a global citizen. I hope that I will get invaluable experience and meet extraordinary people. 

Adiya Yadkarova
Member of Business Department

Working with NSWMUN helps to improve wide range of skills which are connected with collaboration and responsibility. It is a pleasure to work in the group with the same ambitious and young people. NSWMUN OC is one united family which inspires me to be a better person.

Alikhan Janabayev
Head of Entertainment Department

Since childhood, I have always been interested in politics and international relationships. I have always considered myself an initiative person, with an active civil position. In 8th grade, I joined the debate club in my school, which has really advanced my oratory and diplomatic skills. However, for me it was not enough, I wanted to move and develop further. Then I discovered more formal debates in terms of Model United Nations. My first attempt was in 2017 when I participated at KazNU Mini MUN. That was a starting point of my MUN experience. Six months later I was lucky to volunteer at Model United Nations New Silk Way, where I met lots of new friends, gained enormous experience and valuable knowledge. There I was able to express myself and show my interest in organizing such conferences. Thus I joined the MUN NSW Organizing team and soon became a Head of Entertainment Department. I can proudly declare that I am putting my treasure into the development of our conference.

Aruzhan Ibragimova
Member of Law and Business Department

I’ve been participating as a delegate at Model United Nations Conference since 2016. I really like debating, but MUN is not only about it, but also about critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. This year I became a member of Organizing Committee, and the reason that I’m here is the feeling that you’re doing something for a greater cause (i.e. your academic field). In running a conference, you gain excellent experience with planning, organization, and negotiation.

Ramazan Andarbayev
Member of Business Department

My path to Organizing Committee began from NSWMUN 2018, which I attended like a volunteer. Friendly atmosphere of the team led me to join them. Thanks to them I evolved my working abilities and discovered new boards of big MUN family. Since that time, we are working side by side for our great goal.

Chingiskhan Zhunussov
Ambassador of NSW MUN at Nazarbaev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology, Member of Food Department.

Being in organizing committee of NSW MUN is essential experience due to many reasons. First, it provides me with various opportunities, such as traveling around the world and meeting interesting people. Second, it nurtures self-discipline and responsibility – one of the most important qualities of the modern world. Lastly, I value warm and cozy working atmosphere that is present here.

Lyazzat Kartbayeva
Member of Production Department, Marketer, Ambassodor of NSWMUN at NIS CBD in Almaty

My name is Lyazzat and I am 17 years old. I joined the team in 2018 for the most important reason, which is unrealistically great guys and amazing surroundings.

In OC, I work in production, which helps me to develop the necessary skills for my future marketing profession. My responsibility is to create new ideas and offer several alternatives to solve one problem. Thanks to MUN, I developed the skills of competent oral communication - the ability to correctly express my thoughts during a conversation, correctly and logically build my speech, also the ability to effectively interact with other team members to achieve a goal and to find a common language with different interlocutors and public speaking skills.

Altynay Zamanbekova

NSWMUN is a place that changed me two years ago in just three days. Becoming part of the students, that are exceptional from others, thus creating a unique community of people - is a finding people aroung yourself whose interests are similar, and whose goals are alike – to be a global citizen. Being a member of organizing committee gives an irreplaceable experience and providing opportunities to see the world in an-ever-more-diverse, making together Model United Nations a micro projection of the whole world.

Aigerim Assylkhan

I love the whole idea of MUN. In my mind, supporting young people by giving them an opportunity to learn how to act in an international event is significant. They get practice, knowledge and fun all at the same time. Providing them a platform where they can improve their skills and make new acquaintances makes me happy. Every time when I see how many people are really interested in MUN or any kind of event gives me a hope that our young generation is ready to contribute not only for our country’s prosperity, but also for well-being of the world.

Nurila Yermakhanbet
Financial Department

Hi everybody! My name is Yermakhanbet Nurila and I am 21 years old. NSW MUN is my big family! I had the privilege of meeting some very accomplished MUNers who I still look up to NSW Almaty! I am very happy that I am doing Model United Nations for 3 years. Now I am working as a financial manager. Gives me more opportunity a life-changing journey that helped me to develop confidence in leading others, a stronger awareness of global issues, and the chance to make new friends from around the world. Model UN is a valuable experience that can help me get into the international organization find my first job, and become inspired to change the world. And most importantly, It is my huge experience I have ever been in New Silk Way --- MUN !!!

Sanzhar Kabulbayev
Member of Business Department

Hi, my name is Sanzhar Kabulbayev and I'm a member of organizing committee of NSWMUN exactly of Business Department. Participation at NSWMUNs helps me to improve my organizing and business skills.

Aizhan Almabay
Member of Visa Hospitality Management Department

I think this event is an exceptional opportunity for horizontal exchange of experience. I perceive this also as an occasion to familiarize with good practices as a channel for my personal development.
I am very much interested in international relations and contributing to the solution of world problems. Moreover, I have good team-working and problem-solving skills. 

Dina Amanbayeva
Member of Visa Hospitality Management Department

I think working in organizing committee it’s a good opportunity to communicate with different people and learn something new. I am a future specialist in international relations and this experience will be useful for me. It’s a chance to feel yourself part of the global platform. Of course, I will be able to improve organizational and team-working skills