Organizing Committee

Gauhar Zhumadilda
Ambassador of NSWMUN at KIMEP University, Member of Diplomatic Affairs Department

There are several reasons why I became a part of this incredible NSWMUN organizing committee family. First, I think that membership in NSWMUN organizing committee encourages me to widen my horizons, engage in self-development and teaches me effective strategies for the future. Second, since I study International Relations, work in NSWMUN is definitely suitable with my major. And last but not least, it is all about people there. I enjoy being surrounded by inspirational, open-minded, aspirational young people.

Daniya Kassenova

I am a part of NSWMUN since 2016, where I participated as the delegate of India in Human Rights Council. Last year I served as USG for External Affairs and continue to work for this year conference too.

The reason I am a part of MUN community is that I feel responsibility for our world and wish to see it get better. One of the favourite parts is meeting and learning from different people.

Daulet Berdesh
Member of IT Department

I am in organizing committee of NSWMUN to ameliorate my hard and soft skills and to become a part of its outstanding team working to strengthen international relations.

Adiya Yadkarova
Member of Business Department

Working with NSWMUN helps to improve wide range of skills which are connected with collaboration and responsibility. It is a pleasure to work in the group with the same ambitious and young people. NSWMUN OC is one united family which inspires me to be a better person.

Altynay Zamanbekova

NSWMUN is a place that changed me two years ago in just three days. Becoming part of the students, that are exceptional from others, thus creating a unique community of people - is a finding people aroung yourself whose interests are similar, and whose goals are alike – to be a global citizen. Being a member of organizing committee gives an irreplaceable experience and providing opportunities to see the world in an-ever-more-diverse, making together Model United Nations a micro projection of the whole world.

Aigerim Assylkhan

I love the whole idea of MUN. In my mind, supporting young people by giving them an opportunity to learn how to act in an international event is significant. They get practice, knowledge and fun all at the same time. Providing them a platform where they can improve their skills and make new acquaintances makes me happy. Every time when I see how many people are really interested in MUN or any kind of event gives me a hope that our young generation is ready to contribute not only for our country’s prosperity, but also for well-being of the world.

Ramazan Andarbayev

My path to Organizing Committee began from NSWMUN 2018, which I attended like a volunteer. Friendly atmosphere of team led me to join them.Thanks to them I evolved my working abilities and discovered new boards of big MUN family.Since that time,we are working side by side for our great goal.